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Super System

Name : Super System
Category : Office Furniture
Price : On Request

Made from high impact Polystyrene. Cabinet stackable one on top of the other.

Cabinet : Beige Drawers : Red, Blue, Grey & Brown
Size of cabinet : 400mm x 279mm x 75mm.
Size of SSD Drawers : 360mm x 270mm x 58mm. Different Sizes of Containers are available to suit SSD drawers.

Size of containers :
UC1 : 82mm x 82mm x 55mm
UC2 : 170mm x 82mm x 55mm
UC3 : 255mm x 82mm x 55mm

Other size of containers available
UCD2 : 258mm x 85mm x 37mm with two partitions for D2 Drawers
UC6 : 95mm x 90mm x 45mm suitable for MUB1/2