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We are manufactures its extensive product line with latest and innovative technology...

Blue Sky System Pvt. Ltd., is an esteemed organization in manufacturing of superior quality of material handling products. The company with its advanced manufacturing units and superior quality of machineries produces products known for their robust usage. The company with their diligent worker and highly professional management are dedicated to produce high quality of products.

The stat- of- the- art infrastructure and use of modern technology ensures that each product is of a high quality. The company work towards the vision of producing products that are user friendly and tough on use. The efficiency that we show in each product shows dedication towards our work and in our products.
The company has made its name in the market through sheer dedication and smart work. It is working towards the betterment and through their products making life easier with less human effort in each work they produce. The range of material handling product the company manufactures work towards improving efficiency and disciplined work of an organization.

What is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)?

It's The Sudden Transfer (Discharge) Of Electricity From One Object To Another ESD is commonly known as "static electricity."
Some examples are :

  • Lightning.
  • The "shock" you sometimes feel in the winter when you walk across a carpet and touch a door knob.
  • The Sparks you sometimes see when undressing in the dark.

Our Products

Panda shelving systems are fully enclosed and are designed to suit your ever changing needs. The flexibility of the product accommodates additions or alterations at any stage, with a minimum of fuss or disruption to your day to day operation.